Kyoseikan Dojo was designed and is operated as a traditional martial arts establishment. Members adhere to the customs, values, and behavior associated with belonging to a professional training center. Our members do not pressure potential students or visitors into joining any of our programs. Anyone who has a sincere desire to train in one of our programs will join based on what they see, hear and feel when they visit our Dojo, not as a result of pressure, “deals”, tricks, or gimmicks.

Potential students are required to meet with the lead instructor of their program of interest before they will be allowed to begin training. This initial meeting serves many purposes. First, it gives the student and instructor the chance to get to know one another and discuss the student’s goals. Second, it provides the student with a chance to have questions about training answered by the instructor. Lastly, it allows students to see that martial arts instructors of any level are simply people who are there to help the student succeed.

Monthly Dues

We offer two options for program registration. You may register in person at the dojo, or here, online, at any time during the month. Though our monthly program fees are due on the 1st of each month, you do not have to wait for the beginning of the month to begin training. We will prorate your dues from the day you start training.

Adult Membership: $80.00
Members may attend all Aikido classes.
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Additional family members receive a 10% discount.


Donations to the dojo are gratefully accepted and may be made through the following link.
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Student Registration Form
Liability Waiver
Kyu Test Application

Aikido Training Documents

Birankai North America Kyu Test Guidelines
Birankai North America Dan Test Guidelines
8-Count Suburi
36 Jyo Basics

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